Book Recommendations

All fifth grade students are embarking on the 40 Book Challenge this year! To help students find the best books, your literacy team at Lake Harriet Community School have put together some resources will help students to find the best book for them.

Here are some of the resources we have compiled:

1.) Newberry Award Winning Titles

2.) Here is another list of American and International Award Winning Books.

3.) Our Advanced Differentiation specialist, Mr. Cheng recommended this book for both parents and students.

4.) Students can use their interests to find books through this website.

Each week, students go to our school library and our librarian Gretchen is also a wealth of knowledge for book recommendations. We talk extensively about book recommendations in class, and students are also encouraged to share their favorite books and recommend them to each other.

Students are doing a fabulous job! Keep up the great work, readers!