Wednesday 12-20


*No Homework Tonight

Today was our final official day for service learning presentations! For me, it is bittersweet. I am sad that the projects are coming to an end, but so incredibly proud of the work that the students have achieved. Well done to all students who have completed service projects this year! I think this year, students assumed more responsibility with their projects than any other group I have taught. Well done, and thanks for all of the family support that made these projects possible.

Today projects included:

Reese created kits for people experiencing homelessness to help them in the winter.

Theo did a project that donated used soccer equipment to people in need.

Sonia did a project with Secondhand Hounds and transported some animals in need.

Natasha visited Feed My Starving Children and shared about her experience.

Ben made homemade soup with his family and gave it to people in need.

Cito helped a dog in need in his neighborhood and gave it a bath before bringing it to the animal shelter. Since the dog did not have any identification, this was the best option.

Chaz has been a student leader helping with our school’s Unified Sports team, which supports students with disabilities. Chaz has been assisting in some of our special education classrooms as a student leader and has been extremely helpful in assisting students in need.

Andrew W. worked on a project with Secondhand Harvest and helped to pack pears and rice. He is planning to make another trip with his family.

Jocelyn raised money by selling apple cider to buy toys to donate to the Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Students also visited the media center today. Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday 12-19

HW 12-19

Today, students studied how the visual elements of our text enhance the the story. We looked at what details the illustrations give the story that the text doesn’t share, and the impact an illustration has on the mood of a story.

We also looked at  open syllable patterns.

Students continued watching Tom and Huck, and identified key details about Tom, Huck, and Becky.

Have a great evening!

Monday 12-18


HW: HW 12-18

Today, we had another wonderful day of service learning projects.

Kai created and coded an interactive program to help a loved one with type one diabetes.

Henrik participated in a trash pickup project.

Sadie created kits for people experiencing homelessness to help them in a time of need.

Nithali did a project collecting goods for The Drake Hotel, which provides transitional housing for people in need.

Andrew S. did a fundraiser to collect money for the Minnesota Children’s Hospital. He also donated games.

Henry L. created a powtoon presentation about his project helping with Wesley Meals.

Mason created a project about his project that helped Feed My Starving Children.

Wonderful job to everyone who presented today! Wednesday is our final presentation day for service learning, and I think all of our hearts are full from seeing such wonderful projects. Thank you for helping to make these projects a reality!

Friday 12-15

HW 12-15

Today was our beloved student teacher Hannah Miller’s last day, so both classes had some time to say goodbye, and to give her advice as she continues her journey as a teacher. We will miss you very much, Ms. Miller! Thank you for all that you have done for us!

Students also finished reading, “Tom’s Secret.”

Ms. Miller continued to read Odd and the Frost Giants.

Students also created a chart, and looked for characteristics in Tom, Huck, and Becky in the movie Tom and Huck. Students will continue watching this next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 12/14

*No Homework Tonight! There will be silent reading homework over the weekend that students will get tomorrow!

Today, students started a new excerpt from Tom Sawyer called, “Tom’s Secret”. They looked at key details in the first part of the story, and then used that to write a summary.

Students also reflected on their experiences with service learning. As we finish up our unit, students thought about:

  • What does service learning mean to me?
  • What does service learning make people feel?
  • What advice would you give to students about to start their service learning projects?
  • What is the lasting impact we can take away from service learning?

Today, Rahini presented her project on working with Thursday’s Lunch, an organization that gives food to people experiencing homelessness.

Again, I am so proud of the work that the students have accomplished this year. It is incredibly moving to see the work that the students have achieved in such a small amount of time, and I am sure that their impact will continue to inspire people into the future. Thank you for all of the support from families to help students with their projects!

Tuesday 12/12

*No HW tonight!

Today, students completed their writing lessons with Ms. Miller. Students also had the opportunity to share their writing in class. They did a great job!

Students also went to the media center. Ms. Gretchen talked to students about award winning books.

Have a wonderful evening!

Monday 12/11


*No Homework Tonight!

Today, students continued their creative writing work with Ms. Miller.

Students in block one took an assessment, but we will not be taking a grade on this assessment.

Students in block two reviewed objective point of view and were asked to find examples of that in CNN student news.


Wednesday 12-6


Today, students learned about many service learning projects.

Audrey invited a speaker in from the Raptor Center! Here are three birds that we were able to meet:




Keon and Evan M. presented about volunteering with a local food shelf named Secondhand Harvest.

Torin presented about creating a project to benefit hurricane victims. He raised money and donated it to the American Red Cross.

Evan B. completed a project where he taught senior citizens origami at an assisted living center.

Julia completed a service project about improving the daily life for patients at the Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

Eleni participated in a project where she wrote 90 nice notes and gave them out anonymously.

I am so pleased to see that work that all of our students are doing for their service learning projects. Thank you to families for all of your support! I am hoping that all service learning presentations will be done by winter break. Students should be letting me know if they think they will need additional time, since I will be taking a maternity leave soon after winter break.

Thank you!