Wednesday 11/29

HW– Students started their weekly assessment. It is called 11/29 Quiz 1 Week 1. Students should complete this assessment at home if they need more time. They can access their quiz by going to and clicking on Benchmark. They will then go to assignments and open the assessment.

The assessment needs to be on a chrome browser and make sure that pop ups are allowed. 

Today, students did a great job with their service learning projects!!

Jayce did a project about community emergency services-Meals on Wheels.

Will made rice heating packs for the humane society.

Anders did a supply drive for the humane society.

Bret coordinated a fun run and the money that she earned went to the Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

Silas made dog toys and sold them and donated the money to Feed My Starving Children.

Mila did a supply drive and donated the proceeds to Secondhand Hounds.

Mia did a project where she made tie blankets for people experiencing homelessness.

Elika did a project with Feed My Starving Children.

Danny volunteered with a local food shelf.

Maeve volunteered with the local organization Sheridan Story and included this video about the organization.

I am so impressed with the work that students are doing for their service projects. It has been wonderful for all of us to see the impact that they are making in their community, and in the world! Well done!!

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