Friday 5-12

Learning Targets:

I can continue to work on article three.

I will understand the importance of revision, and what is expected as I begin to revise my paper next week.

Students began class with some work time for article three. I checked in with each student about their notes for article three. Many students are well on their way to complete their first draft of article three.

We had a couple service learning presentations today!

Loch presented about his project with Theo and Intelligent. They did a school supply drive for People Serving People.

Wally presented about his project with Mikey. They created a project that made thank you notes for Veterans.

Lauren did a project with YouthLink, which is an organization that helps young people experiencing homelessness. She created packs for girls in need.

We talked about how next week we will switch gears to revision of the articles that have been typed. We have talked about how all great writers revise, and we talked about why that is important. Next week, you will notice students bringing home a different trait to proofread for each night. Students should focus on the specific trait for the night, and parents should also proofread for the trait. Students will need to get a parent signature to complete that assignment.

We reviewed this checklist and rubric for what students will be proofreading for next week:

Proofreading Checklist

Homework: Students should type their first draft of article three and share it with me on google docs. Students should also print off their stages of their service learning projects to begin their trifold work on Monday. If students are unable to print at home, please let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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