Thursday 5-11

Learning Targets: I can continue to work on article three of the magazine project.

I can learn and understand what my classmates did for their service learning projects.

Today, students continued to work on their magazine projects. Mr. Badenhoff is up and running with his students as well. He is requesting that families begin proofreading articles at home. We will also be proofreading next week in class. The more people who proofread the articles, the better! Here are some guidelines for proofreading if you would like to start before we are getting there in Language Arts class.

Proofreading Checklist

Next week, Mr. Marchetti will also be starting the formatting on the magazine project in his class.

Students also continued their service learning presentations today!

Theo and Intelligent talked about their school supply drive for People Serving People.

Eli J. talked about how he put up a sign to help bring awareness to texting and driving. The place where he put his sign has a long history of distracted drivers, so I heard that it was very helpful!

Joshue talked about a trash pickup that he lead. He included his young cousins and friends in his efforts!

Cy talked about his project which was helping to shovel the driveway for a neighbor who could use some help. Cy kept track of the days that he shoveled to show the class.

Owen did a project with Ms. Anna where he taught a couple of fourth grade students some tips for drawing. Ms. Anna recorded the lesson, and we were able to see Mr. Owen in action!

Mikey talked about his project collecting notes for Veterans. He delivered the notes to the VA with Wally, who will present tomorrow.

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