Monday 5-8



(Photo from the Mayday Parade yesterday! Rhys was a little skeptical of the bear puppet at first, but it ended up being his favorite part of the parade.)

Learning Targets: I can continue to work on article three of the magazine project.

I can explain what my favorite family tradition is and why.

Today, students were reminded about the Service Learning Fair. Next Monday and Tuesday in class, students will be creating trifolds to showcase all of the incredible work that they have done. They will not need to write anything new, they should simply print off their stages from their project and bring them in to glue onto the trifolds. Again, this will begin on Monday, May 15th.

Students had about 40 minutes to begin working on their third article in their magazine project. If students are behind, they will need to work to catch up. Next week, students will be working on the cover, the advertisements, and the formatting with Mr. Marchetti and Mr. Badenhoff.

Students also reflected on their favorite traditions today. A few students went to the Mayday Parade yesterday, as did my family. We talked about how something as small as going to that parade could be a cherished family tradition. We also talked about how the parade celebrates many cultural traditions for so many people. Gretchen talked about religion last week for our All Families Matter curriculum, and we linked that into the conversation as well. Tomorrow, students will be drawing a picture and writing a little bit about their favorite family tradition, no matter how big or how small.

Have a wonderful evening.

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