Friday 5-5


Today, students had about 45 minutes to continue working on their rough draft of article two. Notes were due for article two.

At this point:

  • The rough draft of article one is due.
  • The notes for article two is due.
  • Many students have completed the rough draft for article two. Students have the weekend to complete the typing if needed. Please share with me on google docs once finished. Click ‘share’ on the upper right hand corner, and share with

Next week we will be moving onto the article three. Parents may proofread writing as students work, but we will be working on editing the drafts in class as well.

Students also began the discussion about the upcoming mock-debate that they will be participating in led by Representative Frank Hornstein. On June 8th, students will be taking a trip to the MN state capitol to participate in a mock-debate on the House of Representatives floor. In class, students will be preparing an argument that they will be supporting on that day.

More information will be coming soon about the trip to the capitol. Stay tuned!

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