Thursday 5-4

  • I can continue working on article two for the magazine project.
  • I can identify the topic and what I liked about service learning presentations.

Today, students had time to continue working on the second article of their magazine project. Students did a great job of using their time today.

*If a students has not shared their first article with me on google docs, they need to do that tonight.

Homework: Students need to complete the outline notes for article two. They are answering the questions that have been provided. You can find the questions below.

Second and Third Article Expectations

Today was another incredible day of student service learning presentations!

Coco told the class about how she created blankets for animals at the humane society.

Fin created a powtoon presentation about how he collected socks for people in need.

Henry educated the class about the solar panels on our school! He worked with the company who installed the solar array, and taught the class all about solar power. Check out the egauge to keep up with the solar energy being generated at LHUC.

Jack created a project where he collected art supplies for a pre-K program that was in need. He also taught the preschoolers about drawing!

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