Wednesday 5-3

Learning Targets:

I can continue to work on article two of he magazine project.

I understand how to take information from a source and write it in my own words into my notes.


Today, students began class with a review of how to write notes in their own words in their notes. A recommendation that I have to students is to read a paragraph, and check what the question is that they are looking to answer. Next, write down the important parts of what was read in their own words. Last, double check in the book or internet source to make sure that they did not accidentally copy a line from their source.

Students had 40 minutes to research and begin article two. You can see the expectations for the articles below.

Second and Third Article Expectations

Students also visited the media center today. Gretchen had a great chat for students about religion as a part of the All Families Matter curriculum.

Have a nice evening!

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