Monday 4-24

Learning Targets: I can finish Esperanza Rising

I can begin a flash draft for my main article in my magazine project.

Today, students began class by finishing Esperanza Rising. It is bittersweet as we finish our unit, what an incredible story!

Students then looked at examples of magazines from Mr. B’s former students. We looked at this example, specifically looking at his article on Freddie Mercury. Students were asked to identify what the student did to create such a strong article.

Students then began writing their sloppy copy, or their first draft of article one in a ‘Flash Draft’. The purpose of writing a flash draft is for students to get all of their thoughts on paper, and go back and revise later. This is absolutely a working copy, and we will begin our editing process later in the week. Students will have time to continue their flash draft tomorrow and on Wednesday in class. Students will begin editing their rough drafts in class on Thursday.

Homework: Students need to have at least one page completed for their sloppy copy for class tomorrow. Most students finished this in class today.

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