Thursday 4-20

Learning Targets:

  • I can continue to answer the questions for my notes for my first article in the magazine project.
  • I can be an active listener during service learning presentations.


Today, students had work time to answer the following questions for their magazine research project.

main article questions.png

Answers to these questions are due tomorrow. If students are waiting to pick up book sources from the library, they can add that information to their notes over the weekend. Students may also add to their notes this weekend.

Students also had wonderful service learning projects today:

Silja created planters from scratch for urban gardens for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf. She will be maintaining the gardens throughout the summer along with her family.

Cameron made dog toys for Secondhand Hounds. He also talked about his original plan, and how he had to revise his project to make sure that it was successful. Way to show persistence!

Sal picked up trash at Lake Nokomas with his family. Sal wanted to set an example to inspire other students to stop littering and to recycle.

Avery created a project where she sewed animal toys with her grandma. She learned how to sew for her project. Avery talked a lot about how the toys actually benefit the animals for behavioral reasons.

Cooper collected trash around our school. Cooper talked about his process, and how his family decided this would be a great project for him.

Lukas talked about his visit for Feed My Starving Children. He shared some videos from his visit with the class.

Lucy created blankets for Midwest Animal Rescue Services, which is where she adopted her dog from. She made 40 blankets!

Bella created a project to create a much needed crosswalk by school. This project was inspired when her brother was hit (but thankfully not injured) by a distracted driver.

Mason created raised money to donate to the humane society. He talked about his fundraising strategies during his presentation.

Andrew created dog and cat toys for the humane society. Andrew talked about his process in creating the toys and raising money to donate.

Elizabeth and Addie worked on a project together where they raised money for Children’s Hospital and Clinics, created tie blankets, and donated toys to children who were spending extended time in the hospital.


Well done, everyone!!

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