Friday, 4-14

Learning Targets: I can identify what a homograph is.

I can identify what a proverb is.

I can prepare for the MAP test.

Today, students learned what a homograph is. Students practiced identifying simple homographs and shared in the class with other words that they knew that were homographs. Students also identified homophones and reviewed those words as well. Students completed this assignment:

homograph assignment

Students also had work time to continue their notes for the magazine project. As students are writing the notes for their sources, they should be answering the following questions:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.43.14 PM.png

Students also had a chance to talk about their goals for MCA testing, and we were able to review their scores from last year. Due to these mini-conferences, the check in on sources has been moved back to Wednesday, April 19th.

*There is no homework over the weekend. Remember, the MCA Reading test begins on Monday. You should get a good sleep on Sunday night, and eat a big breakfast on Monday morning. You are going to do wonderful!

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