Thursday 4-13

Learning Targets:

I can continue to work on my sources for my magazine project.

I can continue to practice or write my poem/ song for Esperanza Rising.

I can identify important parts about service learning projects. (Please scroll below the notes to hear about service learning projects from today!)

*Homework: For class tomorrow, students need three book sources and one other source for their magazine projects. A sample notes pages can be found below. (Most students completed this in class.)

*Students should also complete their Esperanza-Miguel poem/song tonight (most students completed this activity in class). 

Source Notes for the Magazine Project.jpg



Today students once again did an outstanding job with their service learning projects!

James created blankets and toys for animals at the humane society. He found the directions on the Animal Humane Society’s website.

Ali shared an incredible sailing service learning project that she has taking part in for a few years. The proceeds from Ali’s project went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  through the organization Sail for Leukemia.

Meghan shared about a pollinator project that she is working on with her Grandmother. She plans on creating a pollinator garden this summer, and informed students about the best kind of plants to use for monarch butterflies.

Nora created reusable bags with Linden Hills Power and Light. If you are interested in taking part in future events that Linden Hills Power and Light offers, you can check out this website. Nora even brought in one of the bags!

Lewis created a website to teach people how to create origami! Lewis included some tutorials about how to create origami on your own. You can check out the website here. Lewis then went to the senior apartment building where his grandparents live and taught a group of seniors how to make various types of origami.

Samantha created an educational project about her trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the Women’s March. She educated the class about why the Women’s March was created, and what it was like to participate in the event. She created a video to show us what her experience was like.

Lillian brought in a speaker a few weeks ago as a part of her project, but she also did so much more. She came up with a list of things that the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society needed, and collected items in her apartment building. She delivered the items, and also educated our class about what we can do to help animals in need.

Max created a project that donated books to families and children in need who are spending time in the hospital. He invited his neighbors to donate books, and then created book bags to donate to a hospital. The book bags were then given to kids to help occupy their time if they were spending time in the hospital.


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