Wednesday 4-12

Learning Targets: I can identify similarities and differences between Esperanza and Miguel.

I can show my understanding for “Peaches” in Esperanza Rising.

Today, students read 219-224 in class investigating an argument that Miguel and Esperanza had. Students volunteered to read the part of Miguel and Esperanza.

Next, students began to write a poem or song about that argument. Students worked individually, or in groups of two or three to create their poem or song. Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit if they perform their song or read their poem in front of the class on Friday or Monday. They may record their song or poem over the weekend if they like.

*Students did a wonderful job on this assignment! We look forward to hearing projects in class!

Students who are presenting tomorrow for service learning will begin at 11:30 and 2:30 if parents or family members would like to attend class!

Students also visited the media center today. Gretchen focused on National Poetry Month, which fit perfectly our class activity today! Students were able to create their own poems from the spines of books, and from the pages of books that are being recycled.

There is no homework this evening.

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