Tuesday 4-11

Learning Targets:

I can identify a concrete and an abstract noun.

I can show my understanding for the chapter “Peaches” from Esperanza Rising. 

Today, students began class by discussing the term chronological order. This term came up on the MCA practice test yesterday, and while many students had heard the term before, most students were fuzzy on the technical meaning. Block One created a jingle, and Block Two played a game called Terms To Know!

Block One completed a comprehension quiz from the chapter “Peaches” from Esperanza Rising.

Block Two read the chapter “Peaches” from Esperanza Rising. (Block One completed this yesterday).

Students then reviewed the definition of a noun: a person, place, thing or idea. What we focused on mainly today was the difference between nouns and pronouns, as well as what an abstract noun is, which includes most idea nouns.

Students completed an assignment in class where they identified nouns in sentences, as well as determining whether a noun was a concrete noun or an abstract noun.

Students had some time at the end of class to research for their magazine project sources.

*There is no homework tonight, and there is also no spelling this week. We are using our spelling time to brush up on common parts of speech this week.

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