Monday 4-10

Welcome back to school!

Learning Targets:

I can practice for the MCA test. 

Block One: I can read “Peaches” from Esperanza Rising.

Today, students were reminded that we will be taking the MCA test next Monday and Tuesday, April 17th and 18th.  Students took the practice test online, and unlike the actual test that they will take next week, students were able to see how they did on the test and which questions they struggled with more than others.

Many students worry about what exactly will be on the test and what it will look like. It can be helpful for students to practice so that they feel more confident on the test next week.

Students in Block One did not have as much time, so they will be able to continue the test tomorrow in class. Block Two finished the test.

Block One read “Peaches” from Esperanza Rising today. Block Two will catch up tomorrow.

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