Friday 3-24

Learning Target:

I understand what the greek and latin roots mean within the spelling list.

I understand what a strike is.

I know what I would like to focus on for my main topic of my magazine project.

Today, students began class by reviewing their topic proposal for the magazine project. If any student has misplaced that document, you can find it on yesterday’s blog post.

Block two reviewed their greek and latin root words from this week by completing a word find and crossword puzzle to review.

Both classes set up their notebook for Monday’s investigation of Esperanza Rising’s ‘Avocado’ chapter by answering review questions about what students already know, or have learned about strikes and why people go on strike.

All students also completed spelling test 15.

Have a wonderful weekend! *There is no additional homework over the weekend, any student who has not completed their topic proposal will need to complete that over the weekend.*

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