Thursday 3/23 *plus, service learning stages review


Learning Targets: I can identify important parts of service learning projects

Wow, students did an incredible job once again with their service learning projects today!! It is incredible to see the impact that fifth graders are having in the world!

If you are in need of a refresher on each of the stages, I have included one here:

Service Learning Stages Review copy

One important thing to remember is that students created a google-slides presentation already with all of the slides that they need for their service learning presentation.

Another way that they can access their google-slides presentation is to go here. Once they sign into their google drive, once again they can sign in using their MSP username and password.

Another way  you can access your google account is by simply going to When students log in, they need to use their school Then it will prompt them to use their MPS login information, which is just their username and password (without the part). Once you get through the login hoops, continue to google slides, or the google drive. There, they should simply be able to search for service learning and find their presentation.

Homework for tonight: Magazine Topic Proposal and study for spelling test 15.

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