Wednesday 3-22


Learning Targets: I can show how commas separate independent clauses in compound sentences.

I understand how to use the LHUC library and Hennepin County Library to find books for the magazine project (and for research in general).

Fifth graders first reviewed their comma assignment from yesterday. Then, we talked about independent clauses, and coordinating conjunctions and, but, and so.

Students then practiced using commas between independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction.

The assignment that we worked on today can be found here: Commas in Compound Sentences

Students then received the homework for tonight which is to read pages 179-198 in Esperanza Rising which is chapter “Los Aguacates/Avocados”. Students also need to identify what challenges to human rights do characters face in this chapter? How do they respond?

You can find a copy of the homework here: 3-22 HW

Students also visited the library today. Gretchen talked to students about how they could check out books from their local libraries, as well as put books on hold from home. She also taught students how they can check out ebooks and download them directly to their home computer or device!


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