Monday 3-20

Happy Spring!

Learning Targets: I will learn the Greek and Latin roots that are used this week on the spelling list.

I can understand the difference between the physical and emotional pain that Mama is experiencing in Esperanza Rising, and identify examples in the text.

Today, students first reviewed their Human Rights Newsela article that they received for homework over the weekend. Articles were graded and returned to students. We went over the answers as a class.

Next, students began to study the Greek and Latin roots that would be on the spelling list for this week. Students began (and most completed) this assignment: Latin Roots Week 3

Spelling List 15:

  1. television
  2.  invisible
  3. thermometer
  4. thermos
  5. construction
  6. audience
  7. audio
  8. photograph
  9. photosynthesis
  10. photocopy

The roots that students will be working on this week are:


Therm- Heat

Struct- Build

Aud- Hear


Our mindfulness topic today was self compassion. After our mindfulness time, students were asked to reflect on two questions:

1.) How can you be more caring towards yourself? What does that look like?

2.) Have you caught yourself being mindful unexpectedly outside of school? What was that like?

Next, we continued our study of Esperanza Rising ‘Potatoes’. Students used their books to answer the following questions:

1.) How was Mama feeling physically? Show evidence to prove your answer.

2.) Reread the last paragraph on page 161. What inferences can you make about how Mama is feeling emotionally? The author uses the word ‘listless’. Use context clues to define this word.

At the end of class today, we played a game that reviewed literary terms (as well as nouns that students came up with). Students did a great job guessing and using their inferencing skills to get the correct answers!

Homework: Review spelling words, complete any classwork that did not get done in class.


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