Monday 3-13



(Hello from snowy Milwaukee Avenue, the pedestrian street where my family lives!)

Learning Targets:

I can identify themes in Esperanza Rising.

I will understand the Greek and Latin roots that spelling list 14 focuses on.

Spelling List 14:

1.) location

2.) dislocated

3.) local

4.) signature

5.) significant

6.) nation

7.) recognize

8.) incognito

9.) pedestrian

10.) pedals

Students also completed an assignment working with the Greek and Latin roots that are associated with these words.

At the beginning of class, students completed a comprehension quiz on Esperanza Rising chapter “Almonds”.

Students also looked at the following questions to identify figurative language in the text for an in-class assignment:

1.) What does the author mean by the sentence “Now if they bloomed she could drink the memories of the roses that had known Papa”? How is life like a rose? Use evidence from the story to support your answer.

2.) On page 128, Esperanza is helping to shell almonds. The author describes an almond as “like two hands pressed together, protecting something inside.” Then, as Esperanza cracks one open, the text says “… then pulled the meat (the edible part of an almond) from its defenses.” How is the almond a metaphor for Esperanza?

3.) On pages 131-133, Marta is using kittens as a metaphor for the farmers. How are the farmers like kittens? How does Marta suggest they fight being “like kittens”?

There is no additional homework tonight, but there is a longer assessment on the chapter Plums on Wednesday, so students may begin reading the chapter tonight if they like. 

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