Thursday 3-9

Learning Targets:

I can investigate parts of chapter 7 and answer questions about characters, vocabulary, and important situations in the story.

I can reflect on my growth with mindfulness.

Today, students needed a little more time on their homework from last night. Some of the vocabulary words that they needed were on their first assignment, which was at school, so students were given time to complete the assignment.

Students then continued their work with Esperanza Rising. Today, students investigated the following questions:

1.) After reviewing pages 116-117, why do you think the author named chapter 7 ‘Onions’?

2.) On page 116, what does ‘visualize the memory’ mean?

3.) On page 117, what does ‘tittering’ mean?

4.) How does Esperanza feel after Marta calls her Cinderella? What does Esperanza do? What specific words help you to know what she is feeling?

Block Two had a guest speaker visit the class on behalf of Lillian’s project. Lillian invited Ariana to speak to the class about the puppy mills, and what we can do to help. Thank you so much for visiting our class, Ariana!


Students also reflected on the mindfulness practice that they have been working on for the past six weeks. It has been amazing for me to see the impacts that mindfulness has made on the entire class, but I was curious what students thought about how their practice had changed since we first started. Students completed a written reflection on their experience, and some students shared their reflections with the class. Here are a few examples:

Question #1: How has mindfulness impacted you in Language Arts?

  • It makes me feel refreshed.
  • It makes me feel more focused and upbeat

Question #2: How has your opinion of mindfulness changed since we started?

  • At first, I thought it was hard to relax, but now I think about what the speaker is saying and it helps me to focus.
  • I used to think it was boring and had no purpose, but now when I focus and listen to the words of the meditation, it helps me to focus for the rest of class (another student said YES in response to this)

Question #3: How has mindfulness impacted the entire class?

  • If students struggle with rowdiness or just having a bad day, mindfulness helps calm them down and to have a better day.

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