March 3-7

Learning Targets: 

I can use my background knowledge to identify Greek and Latin roots.

I can interpret metaphors and figurative language in Esperanza Rising.

*I am out of the classroom today for a district training, but here is a snapshot of what the students were working on, and a copy of the homework!

Today, students will be completing an assignment that is asking them to work more with the Greek and Latin roots that they have for spelling words this week! Students will be completing various tasks that ask them to think about the meaning of the root word to determine the correct answer.

Next, students will be investigating metaphors within Esperanza Rising. Students will be creating a list of various metaphors and discussing what the metaphor adds to the story. Students will also need to interpret what the metaphors mean, and how they evolve throughout the story.

*Tonight, students will need to read chapter 7 (pgs. 100-120) as well as complete the assignment: HW ch. 7

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