Monday 3-6


Learning Targets:

I can identify the basic Greek and Latin roots that I learned for my spelling words this week.

I can compare and contrast different settings and characters from Esperanza Rising.

Here are the spelling words for this week! We are studying the greek and latin roots associated with the following words:

1.) maternal

2.) maternity

3.) aquarium

4.) generation

5.) generate

6.) biography

7.) Biology

8.) spectator

9.) spectacle

10.) inspect

Today, students began class by reviewing chapter six that they had for homework over the weekend. Students then took a quiz to check their comprehension of the story.

Students then shared their background knowledge of Greek and Latin root words. This week, students will be studying our spelling words and their meanings. Some of our in-class work will be connected with that each day.

Next, students used their Esperanza Rising books to identify different questions comparing and contrasting various settings from the story, as well as situations with characters. The students did a great job using evidence from the text to support their answers!

*Students only have to study spelling words for homework tonight.

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