Friday 3-3

Learning Target:

I can summarize the main ideas in an informational text about California.


My son, Rhys, is wishing all of you a relaxing weekend! Students have to read chapter 6-pages 81-99 as well as completing an assignment asking them to think about the geographical setting of Esperanza Rising as they read. You can find a copy of the assignment here: hw-ch-6

Today, students completed spelling test 12.

Students then discussed their background knowledge of The Great Depression, California in the 1930s, and immigration from Mexico to California in the 1930s. On posters, students recorded information that students remembered from the past about these topics.

Next, students researched an article (that was assigned to them based on their reading abilities) to become well versed on one of those topics. Students had to identify ten key words from the text, and use five of them in their summary of the article. Students did a great job of summarizing the text that they learned (a learning target that students were working on today).

In block one, students completed the posters with information that they learned in the articles. Thank you to all of the students who recorded the information! In block two, we will finish this step on Monday.

Homework: Students need to read chapter 6 (pages 81-99) and complete the homework about the geographical setting of the story in chapter 6.


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