Thursday 3-2


Learning Targets:

I can comprehend what I read from chapter five in Esperanza Rising.

I can identify what my classmates presented about for service learning.

I can ask questions service learning presentations.

Today, students began class by reviewing what they read in chapter five of Esperanza Rising. Students then completed a quiz assessing their comprehension of the chapter.

Next, students set up their ELA notebooks to look for certain parts of service learning presentations that we were able to see today. Student had to identify what the service learning project was about, what their favorite part of the presentation was, and questions that they had for the presenters.

Today, we had four presenters: Iris, Olyn, Javonni, and Eli K. All students did an incredible job presenting about their topics!

  • Iris created a website about how to help animals in need. She also talked about her inspiration, which is her dog Dobby. You can learn more about her dog if you visit her website and click on the blog section here.
  • Olyn created a video for his multi-genre part of his project, but he then collected data on people texting and driving on his street, and tracked the difference that a sign spreading awareness can make.
  • Eli had a speaker in a couple of weeks ago, and he talked about brining awareness to energy conservation. He talked about how his project came together, and some of the challenges and successes within his project.
  • Javonni created dog toys to donate to various organizations. He had a great time working with his cousin on the project, and used a great program called PowToon. It was a very fun presentation to watch, and students were curious to learn more about this program. Javonni said that it was easy to use, and it was definitely fun to watch. It was also easy for him to share with me and the class.

Wonderful job to everyone who presented their service learning projects today! Thank you to all of the parents and family members who joined us today, too!

*The only homework tonight is to study spelling words!

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