Wednesday 3-1

I can compare and contrast two main characters from Esperanza Rising.


Today, students worked on identifying challenges for a supporting character in our book, Esperanza Rising. Students either studied Mama, Abuelita, or Miguel. They then answered questions asking them to infer what they think the main character was feeling when they were faced with challenges.

After students answered the questions, they then worked with small groups (within their reading group) to identify overall challenges that their identified character faced, and how they reacted to those challenges.

Once they were finished with that work, students compared and contrasted Esperanza’s reaction to challenges and how those were similar and different to their character that they were studying.

Students also visited the media center today. Students worked with Ms. Gretchen talking about the science fair today, as well as talking about the amazing history day projects that were on display.

Homework: Students need to read Las Guayabas/ Guavas (pages 58-80) in Esperanza Rising and write down details about Esperanza’s journey to the United States and what that was like. You can find a copy of the assignment here: hw-pg-58-80

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