Monday 2-27

Learning Targets: I can make inferences from the text about Esperanza, Mama, and Abuelita.

I can use context clues to help me identify words that I do not already know.


Spelling List 12

1.) inference

2.) alliteration

3.) simile

4.) metaphor

5.) personification

6.) dialogue

7.) artifact

8.) evidence

9.) character  we’ve been studying this word in class, but since we already had it on a spelling list, it has been removed from the list this week.

10.) setting

Students began class today with a five question assessment about chapter three that students read over the weekend. After they were done with the assessment, we reviewed what the correct answers were. Students who completed the assignment by writing down character’s challenges from the chapter as they read had a better understanding of what the chapter was about. This homework helped students to slow down as they read, and they had a better understanding of the events in the chapter.

*Tonight, students will have an assignment that is almost exactly the same, just linked to chapter four*

Students then answered text-based questions using specific passages from the story to infer the answers to the prompts. We talked in both classes about what it means to make an inference, and applied it with that assignment. Students were asked to think about how Esperanza, Mama, and Abuelita handed Papa’s death in the story. Students did a great job infering, as well as using evidence from the text for the first problem.

For homework, students need to read chapter 4 (pgs. 39-57) and record the challenges that the main characters in the chapter face. Students should record challenges as they read and document where they are finding the challenges so they can use their assignment to help them in class tomorrow.


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