Tuesday 2-21

Learning Targets: I can understand the difference between a simile and a metaphor.

I can describe the geographical setting from Esperanza Rising.

Students in both blocks created a catchy jingle that will hopefully help them to remember the difference between simile and metaphor! You can listen to both of them below! Students did an incredible job, and I was so impressed with their vocal and instrumental abilities! Thank you for creating such a fun song today!

Block One:

Block Two: (With Henry on saxophone!)

Students also completed an assignment about the differences between simile and metaphor, and what figurative language adds to our understanding of a story.

Students also began Esperanza Rising today. We talked about the setting of the story. We will continue reading tomorrow. Each student will have their own book for this unit (hurray!)

Thanks for checking in. I hope all of your are enjoying this unseasonably warm weather!

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