Wednesday 2-15 and Service Learning Documents!


Learning Target: I will understand the expectations for the service learning presentation.

Due to the fact that I have had many requests for more information about service learning presentations, today students received another copy of the document that they need.

A couple of items that students were looking for:

Explorer Artifact could be answering the following questions:

A Ha! Questions

  1. Whom will it help?
  2. How will it make the world better?
  3. What are some things on the project’s to-do list?

Uh-Oh! Questions:

  1. What will a 5th grader need grown-ups to help with?
  2. What are some possible problems (small or big) that might make it hard to accomplish that goal?
  3. What are other questions that need to be answered or problems that might come up?

Artist artifact could be their multi-genre project OR the directions for their multi-genre project: artist-dream-big-2.


Judge stage artifact could be their smart-goals-sheet.

Students also visited the media center today. Thank you for stopping by!

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