Tuesday 2-14

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Learning Targets:

I can identify what a flashback is in a narrative.

I can identify how a flashback can help the audience understand background information in a narrative.

I can express gratitude.


(Our students and staff are VERY grateful for our wonderful staff members, Ms. Paula and Ms. Fran!)

Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness week (in addition to Valentine’s Day?)

Today, students began class by reflecting on who our support staff members are at Lake Harriet Upper Campus. We talked about how important these people are to making our school run smoothly, and how they help teachers and students very much. Students had time and materials to write thank you notes to these individuals for Random Acts of Kindness week! Students did a wonderful job!

Next, students read a passage and learned about what a flashback is, and why we use flashbacks in fictional writing. Students answered questions about flashbacks and how one was used in our narrative.

Our advisory had a Valentine’s Day Party put on by our amazing room representatives, as well as many incredible parent volunteers! It truly would not be possible without all of you. We had a blast! Thank you for ALL of your help.

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