Friday 2-10


Learning Target: I can identify first, second, third, and third person omniscient point of view.

Today, students reviewed what to look for when reading for first person, second person and third person point of view. Students completed an assignment reviewing those skills. I was able to meet with each student to review how they did on that assignment today.

Students then learned what was different about third person omniscient, which that the narrator is telling the story, and is all knowing. In this point of view, the narrator will share details about the character and oftentimes reveals details about the character that the character does not know about themselves yet.

Over the last couple of days, students have studied the following terms: setting, plot, characters, theme, conflict, and various types of point of views. Today, using their notes, students created posters with their table groups to show what they knew about the topic.

In Block One, Eli invited a representative for his service project and parent, Lisa to visit our class to talk about how we can conserve energy! We had a wonderful time listening to all of the ideas that you had for all of us! Thank you for visiting!




I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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