Tuesday 2-7


Learning Target: I can continue to understand the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, we were lucky enough to have two guest speakers visit the classroom. In Block One, Simon invited The Sandwich Man to visit our class.


He also led the class in a sandwich making activity! The class made 150 sandwiches which Mr. Law (The Sandwich Man) will be delivering to people who do not have food to eat. Earlier in the year, students watched The Starfish Throwers, and Mr. Law is a big part of that documentary. The film follows the work that Mr. Law does for the homeless population of Minneapolis. It was an honor to meet him!

In Block Two, Henry invited a speaker to visit from Feed My Starving Children!


The speaker informed the class all about Feed My Starving Children. Henry invited the speaker in as an educational part of his service learning project. This way, more students could learn about the organization, and possibly volunteer themselves. The speaker brought many items from Feed My Starving Children, as well as information for people if they are interested in volunteering.

Students also continued and their summary of various articles of the UDHR. Block one finished their summaries. Block two is not far behind.

Thank you Simon and Henry for bringing such wonderful speakers to the classroom today!

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