Thursday, 2-2

Learning Targets: I can summarize articles 2 and 3 of the UDHR.

I can use context clues to help me determine the meaning of words.

Today, reading groups one and two began the short story The Golden Cadillac. Group two read the story and answered six questions with other members of their group. Group one worked as a large group to read and answer the questions.

Group three and four began reading Island of the Blue Dolphins. Students read with partners or small groups to complete chapters one and two as well as reading about the author.

As a large group, students reflected on gratitude. We talked about how perspective can change a challenge into something that we can be grateful for. Many students talked about how in the moment, siblings can seem annoying, however when they really think about it, there are many reasons why it is great to have a sibling. Students also talked about how sports can be challenging, yet rewarding. This brought us into our conversation about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, students studied article 2 and article 3 from our list. Students were asked to summarize the article, and to draw a picture that supported that article, and one that did not. Students did a great job with this activity. We will continue this tomorrow.


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