Thursday 1-26

Learning Targets:

I can use context clue to help me determine the meaning of words. (MN Benchmark

I determine the main ideas of the introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by reading closely. (MN Benchmark,

I can write to help me deepen my understanding about human rights. (MN Benchmark

Today, small group four created accounts with Newsela, an online non-fiction reading program that they will be able to access at home. Each group will be setting up an account next week.

Students continued their vocabulary study today with the introduction of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students used context clues to define inalienable and fundamental. In block two, students also used context clues to define uphold, promote, protect, charter, reaffirms, and dignity. Students then used their definitions to help them craft the main idea of the statements.

We broke down the work inalienable to look at the root word- alien. Students shared their background knowledge of the word, mostly coming up with that an alien is something that lives in outer space.

Another meaning for the word alien is separate. Students then looked at the prefix-in. They talked about other words with ‘in’ for a prefix, like indifferent. Student defined inalienable as not separate.

We went through a similar process with the rest of the words as well. If you are interested, you can find a copy of the assignment here: 1-26-vocab

Both blocks also earned a reward day today. Students have worked so hard on their MAP tests in overall in class this week. Ask students about the mindfulness practice they have started this week in class!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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