Tuesday 1-24


Learning Targets:

I can determine the main ideas of the introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by reading closely. (MN Benchmark

I can write to help me deepen my understanding about human rights. (MN Benchmark

Students worked on the rough draft of their poem in class. Many students are writing haiku poems, while some students are writing list poems or rhyming poems. All poems are inspired by the book Locomotion that we read as a class. Students are writing about the topic that they would like, and were able to pick from a variety of different types of poems. Today, they selected the poem that they would like to revise to write a rough draft for.

Next, students continued to study the Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) background information. Today, students wrote a summary based on the passage that they read in class. Next, students identified words that were challenging. Using context clues, students defined five words from the passage: articulated, Holocaust, amid, sought, and aspirations. After students defined the words, students used dictionaries to see if that definition varied from their own. Students turned this assignment in at the end of class. This study is preparing students with background information for our next class book, Esperanza Rising.

You can see a copy of the assignment 4-1-3-assignment.

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