Friday 1-20


Today, students continued MAP testing if they needed more time. Students who have been absent will be able to make up their MAP test on Wednesday, January 26th. Students will also be MAP testing for math on Monday and Tuesday.

Students who were in the classroom continued to work on their peace metaphor. Students are able to bring their peace metaphor pages home over the weekend to complete the drawings and coloring for the book that we will be creating as a class.

As a review, the peace metaphor assignment is asking students to visualize peace as a metaphor. Some examples that students created were:

Peace is a smooth, grey stone.

Peace is teamwork during a soccer game.

Peace is a war coming to an end.

Students each have two pages for our class book. Students generally wrote their metaphor on the left hand page and began the drawing on that page and continued it onto their page on the right.


Students have been doing a wonderful job. I am very excited to see the book come together!

Students also had the opportunity to check in about their service learning projects. We had them talk about what they have done so far, and what support they need to complete their project. The class was split into two smaller groups, one class met with Mr. Cheng and the other class met with me and we discussed the same questions.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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