Wednesday 1-18

Long-Term and Supporting Learning Targets (with standards)

  • I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text (MN Benchmark
  • I can summarize Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MN Benchmark

Today students began their own poetry exploration by writing a haiku, and in block one students also wrote an epistle poem and a poem of their choice. Block two will continue that on Monday.

Students also began investigating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is a document published by the U.N. that students will be looking at throughout Quarter three. Today, students summarized Article One and drew pictures to represent article one.

Students will begin MAP testing tomorrow for Reading. Today, we talked about ways that students can relax while they are at their computers if they need to take a little break during their assessment. Students may bring their own mints for the test. The biggest pitfall we see with MAP testing is when students work too fast, so I reminded students that each student will get as much time as they need for the test. Also, students cannot go back and double check their answers. They must double check as they work on their test.


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