Tuesday 1-17

Standard Addressed: A

Learning Targets:

I will identify strategies for the MAP test.

I can continue to work on my peace metaphor.


Today, students reviewed their scores from their fall MAP tests to begin preparing for their winter MAP test. The MAP test is a snapshot of where students are on that given day, but we discussed strategies that can help students to be successful. Students focused on:

  • Taking their time during the MAP test (all students will have as much time as they need).
  • Double checking their answers as they go. Once students move forward a question in the MAP test, they cannot go back and check. They must double check as they take the test.
  • Doing their best work. This point sounds simple enough, and it truly is. The MAP test is a great chance for students, families, and teachers to see where the student is at for that moment in time, and when students try their best it gives us the best idea of where they need more support.

Students were also able to continue to work on their peace metaphor. The final draft of the peace metaphor will be due on Monday, January 23rd.

*An order form will be going home soon for families to buy a copy of our class Peace Metaphor book!

Students also had a chance to visit the media center. All students need a silent reading book once they are done with their MAP test, so having a great chapter book from the library or home will help. Gretchen had a great activity for students to review and investigate various Martin Luther King Jr. quotes.

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