Monday 1-9


Students took spelling pretest 10 today. Spelling words this week are taken from their book Locomotion and from chapter six in their social studies textbook.

1.) agency

2.) concentrate

3.) counselor

4.) eyewitness

5.) flicker


7.) occasion

8.) receptionist

9.) slouching

10.) settlements

11.) marsh

12.) colonist

13.) democratic


MN State Standards Addressed:

Learning Targets:

The students will continue reading Locomotion and complete notes that their class completed (pg. 61 for block one and pg. 55 for block two). The students will quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly when drawing inferences from the text.

The student will create their peace is metaphor.

Today in class, students continued their work reading Locomotion and completing their summary of each poem along with stating which characters were in each poem.

Students then took the spelling pretest and practiced the words that they misspelled.

As a class, students took notes on their text Locomotion. Block one completed pages 51-61. Block two completed 51-55.

Both classes had time to work on their peace metaphors that students are creating for our class book. Students are creating a metaphor that begins with peace is. Students have been asked to think about what peace is for each of them, and create a metaphor along with a drawing that represents that. Together, the class will be creating a book. Order forms will be sent home if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the class book.

Homework: By class tomorrow, each student will need to know what their peace sentence will be. Most students completed this in class.

Thank you for your time! Have a wonderful evening.





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