Thursday 1-5


*Thank you for your understanding with the delay of this post! There was a technical issue and it was not published yesterday.

MN State Standards addressed today: Reading standard

Reading standard

Vocabulary Acquisition standard

Learning Targets:

The student will discuss what a metaphor is and how it is different from a simile. (Block one had more time practicing this skill. Students will continue this skill into tomorrow and next week.)

The student will read understand the text.

The student will name the characters in the poetry assigned.

The student will identify the main idea in each poem in the reading.

Students read pages 1-25 of Locomotion today in class. I met with small group one and students took turns reading from the story.  Students identified the characters in each of the poems in the story, as well as the main idea or the ‘gist’ of the story. Students who did not finish the work in class were able to check out a copy of Locomotion to bring home to complete the assignment. In block one, some of the students in the small group will receive additional time in class tomorrow. They have been notified if they were receiving more time.


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