January 3rd, 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

*There are no spelling words this week. Spelling will be back next week.

Standards addressed in today’s lesson:

MN State Standard Reading

MN State Standard Reading

Learning Targets:

The student can quote accurately from the text.

The student can compare and contrast two characters from a story.

Students analyzed the story Dia’s Story Cloth at the beginning of class today. This story has to do with Hmong American immigrants and the tradition of a story cloth. Students were asked to write about new things that they learned about the Hmong ethnicity and it’s meaning. Students were given two questions after they read, which they may have for homework if they did not complete the work in class.

Students then completed the first assignment for chapter six in their Social Studies Alive! workbooks: page 33. This assignment asked students to imagine that they were new students in a school where they did not know the language or the culture. They were asked to think about challenges and how they would face those challenges. They may have page 33 for homework if they did not finish the assignment in class.

Students began our next class text called Locomotion. This story is a book of poetry. Today students began comparing and contrasting characters in the first poem of the story.

Students now have cubbies in the classroom! All students will be able to keep their language arts and social studies supplies in the classroom, which will be nice since we use all of the supplies often.

I hope that you had a wonderful break. Stay warm!

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