Thursday 12-8

Hi everyone!

 MN Standards addressed: Report on a topic using appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas.

Today in class, students reviewed the differences between there, their, and they’re. I’ve notice in student writing that this has been a trouble spot for students. We discussed this topic in small groups today, and will continue in the upcoming days.

Students also had class-time today to work on their environmental persuasive paper. In block one, students worked on their presentations using their notes. I was able to work with students who wanted further assistance on their project. Many students were well on their way so they had a little more work time. Block two went to the computer lab to work on their papers. Hopefully both groups will be able to get into the computer lab to work tomorrow, but I know they will be going during their math/science block.

Students also read chapter five in their History Alive! textbooks. We were studying about people who first traveled to the Americas, and students did a great job reading the sections out loud in front of the class. Students will be deepening their understanding of the chapter tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening!

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