Friday 12-2



Today we had the opportunity to listen to National Book Award Nominee Caren Stelson, talk about her book “Sachiko”.

Caren talked to students about her process researching Sachiko, and what initially inspired her to write Sachiko’s story. The inspiration for the book actually came when Caren heard Sachiko speak at the Lake Harriet peace garden! From there, came a journey that involved translators and various trips to Nagasaki, Japan where Caren would learn more about Sachiko and tell her incredible story.

As a former teacher, Caren did a wonderful job talking to the class and asking questions for them to talk about their own journey with peace.

Being that we are currently reading memoirs as a part of our unit for Language Arts, Caren is going to talk about writing a memoir with students on Tuesday of text week, and students will also investigate author’s purpose within Caren’s writing.

Students also completed spelling test 8 today.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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