Monday, 11/28

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back! Here is our 8th spelling list:

1.) assemble

2.) banquet

3.) cargo

4.) cask

5.) celebrate

6.) decrease

7.) desperate

8.) edible

9.) frivolous

10.) harvest

11.) hew

12.) hostile

13.) pledge

14.) prosper

15.) task

Keep reading to hear more about what we did in class today!

Students also read “All Ball” by Mary Pope Osborne and answered the following questions:

1.) What does all-ball represent for Mary?

2.) Why is Mary so upset when her father gets her a new ball?

3.) Why did Mary sleep with a piece of all-ball under her pillow?

Students also compared and contrasted all-ball from our story last week, The Bracelet.


Mr. Cheng visited us with one of our last visits talking about service learning.

Students filled out their SMART goals, which you can find here-smart-goals

Students will be bringing home their SMART goals, along with a timeline plan for their project tomorrow to be signed.

Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful evening.

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