Monday, November 14th

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, here are the spelling words for list 7:

1.) colony

2.) compensate

3.) deposit

4.) fascinate

5.) feeble

6.) formal

7.) frigid

8.) harsh

9.) huddle

10.) remote

11.) resemble

12.) rigid

13.) solitary

14.) substantial

15.) waddle

Today in class, students finished reading The Great Rat Hunt during their independent reading time. After they completed their reading, they used evidence from the text to find the main idea of the story.

Mr. Cheng joined us today and we talked about the judge stage of the service learning project. Students talked about having “a ha!” moments and “uh oh!” moments with their project. They answered the following questions about their service learning idea.

A Ha! Questions

  1. Whom will it help?
  2. How will it make the world better?
  3. What are some things on the project’s to-do list?

Uh-Oh! Questions:

  1. What will a 5th grader need grown-ups to help with?
  2. What are some possible problems (small or big) that might make it hard to accomplish that goal?
  3. What are other questions that need to be answered or problems that might come up?

**Reminder- Report cards come home on Tuesday, November 15th!

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