Week Two 9/6-9/9


Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Each week I will post a summary of what we will be doing each day of the week. I work to post this summary as early in the week as possible so people know what to expect.

There was not makeup work for students who were absent last Friday.

Here is a look at what to expect this week!

Tuesday: Students were given the 40 Book Challenge details in class today. Students are asked to read about ten books a quarter, but they can vary in size. The number one goal of this challenge is to instill a love of reading for students. Students should not be reading books that they do not like. This challenge is to help students find books that are interesting to them and keep on reading. The students were very excited in class, and I know they will do amazing.

Students also did a free-write about a memory, and wrote a response to CNN Student News.

Wednesday: Students will visit the media center and have time to read for their 40 Book Challenge.

We also reviewed the documents attached, including the parent letter, about the expectations for the 40 Book Challenge. We talked specifically about what to do if you get stuck. Click on the link to see the guide for the 40 book challenge, as well as the parent letter. 40-book-challenge

Thursday: Students will learn about the different genres that they will encounter as a part of the 40 Book Challenge. Students will learn how to identify a book’s genre and what to do if a book could be considered more than one genre.

We will also listen to this story about an athlete who will be competing in the Paralympics. Students will find the main idea of the story.

Here is a video showing that athlete and what it takes for him to train for the Paralympics. How inspiring!

Friday: Free-write Friday! Students will write a response to a free-write prompt and will have the opportunity to share their story with the class if they like. Students will also have time to work on their 40 Book Challenge by silent reading.

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