Hello again!


Hello everyone! Meet my newest son, Max Peterson! He is just shy of four months old in this picture with his grandpa.

Please make sure that you are making arrangements to have magazines printed in the next week! They are due on Friday, June 1st.

It has been wonderful to see all of the students once again!

Wednesday 1-24


Today is my last day with students before I begin my maternity leave. I am sad to leave them, but very happy that Jordan Block will be taking over the classroom! You can email him at jordan.block@mpls.k12.mn.us

While I am away, I will still be able to put in book orders, so if students would like to order books, you can find our class by entering the class code: MPJHF. I will put through book orders as they come through, and may occasionally let people know when I am putting in a larger book order.

Jordan will be continuing to let you know what is going on in the classroom on his website: https://mrjordanblock.weebly.com

I will check in once the baby arrives, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with all of you this year. Thank you for everything! I will see you in May 🙂


Natalie Peterson

Monday 1-22


*No Homework Tonight

Today, both blocks started with our Monday Circle, where students get to share about their weekend. I shared a funny Rhys video that you can see if you like here.

Block one completed their perfect tense verb assignment. Block two finished this assignment on Friday.

Both classes continued watching The March about the march on Washington during the civil rights movement.

I hope everyone has safe travels home tonight!

Friday 1-19


HW: Weekend HW 1:19

Today, students learned about theme, and how a theme is different than a main idea. We compared and contrasted themes in two stories in the same genre.

Block two learned about how to form and use perfect verb tenses included: present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect tense verbs. Block one finished their FastBridge testing, so they did not complete this assignment today.

Both classes began watching The March, which is a documentary about The March on Washington during the civil rights movement. They also studied Martin Luther King Jr’s involvement with this march, and why we remember this event today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 1-18


*No Homework Tonight

Today, students started working on their Bridge assessment, which is the test that replaced the MAP test this year. Block one ran into tech. issues, unfortunately, so they will have to wait to finish the assessment until tomorrow. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this week, students began a short documentary called King: Man of Peace in a Time of War. 

Block Two did not have the same tech problems, so they were able to complete their Bridge tests. They also worked on some opinion writing on the topic of self-driving cars.

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday 1-17

Today, students worked with Ms. Bibuka on this weeks social studies assignment. Students who did not meet with Ms. Bibuka had time in the classroom to work on their assignment or to silent read.

Students also reviewed what a simile is, and wrote some of their own similes.

Finally, students had the opportunity to go to the media center. Students studied Martin Luther King Jr. quotes.

Tuesday 1-16


*No Homework Tonight

Today, we started class with our weekly circle. This is a time where students get to share a rose-something positive that is going on for them, a thorn-something that has been challenging, or a rosebud-something that they are looking forward to. This is always a wonderful way for the class to check in with one another, and it is great to hear what is going on for all of the students.

Next, students continued their small group work with Ms. Bibuka or had time to work on their assignment from last week.

Finally, we continued reading Locomotion, which is a book that is written in a series of poems. Students have been doing a great job of digging into the different meanings behind the poems. Wonderful job, class!

Have a nice evening.

Friday 1-12

Weekend HW 1-12

Book orders are due on Tuesday, January 14th. To place an order, please visit http://www.scholastic.com. Our class code is MPJHF.

Today, students reviewed the vowel-consonant+e syllable pattern with a timed game to see how quickly they could categorize the words given to them into the correct areas.

Next, students continued listening to “Locomotion”, and identified characters in the poems and what was happening in each poem.

Students also wrote an opinion paragraph. We talked about what makes strong opinion writing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 1-11

*No Homework Tonight

Today, students ready an excerpt from Laurence Yep’s historical fiction story The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung- A Chinese Miner, California 1852.

Students summarized parts of the story and identified key details.

We also began reading the story “Locomotion” by Jacqueline Woodson. Students identified the characters in the poems and what was happening in the story. I continue to be impressed by the students abilities to dive into a poem and pull out important details from the text!

Have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday 1-10


*No Homework Tonight

Today, students completed an assignment about how to use context clues to define a word. They also practiced using dictionaries to find the meanings for words when context clues were not enough! I was very impressed with the enthusiasm about using dictionaries!

Students also completed an assignment about how a narrator’s point of view influences how events are described in a text. Students have such an impressive amount of background knowledge when it comes to poetry, and it has been wonderful to explore these poems with them. We studied words that indicate point of view, and identified the narrator’s specific point of view in “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman and “I, Too” by Langston Hughes.

Have a wonderful evening!